Environmental Diesel Recyclers

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We are a small company that specializes in cleaning Diesel and heating oil tanks in the Philadelphia area EDR fuel polishing covers Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

How it works:
Over time water and contaminants build up at the bottom of the fuel tank, and the fuel starts to turn bad. The process for removing the contaminants & water starts by pumping form the bottom of the tank. Fuel then passes through a filtration system to remove any sludge. The next stage then filters down, and removes particles to as low as 1 micron. The last stage is to separate the water. Then the fuel is recycled back to the top of the tank.

If you have a stand-by generator and the tank has not been cleaned, the contaminants settled on the bottom will be the first to be pulled up. This may clog the engine filter and shut down the generator when needed most. Contaminants will also cause damage to the engine.

EDR can take samples to see how contaminated the tank is and also to let us know if the fuel needs to be treated. 

 EDR can service:

Diesel Marine equipment and boats 
Stand-by generators 
Heavy Equipment 
Tractors and farm storage tanks
and tanks for heating systems.

Contact us at: edr-cleanfuel@verizon.net
Phone us at 215 901 2087

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